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Sandwich-Taping Structure

Sandwich-Taping Structure

The sandwich-taping structure on the front and back of the wrist works like a splint to limit excessive wrist movemnt and reduce discomfort.

Thumb-Lock Structure

Thumb-Lock Structure

Maintains the correct position of the support while allowing free movement of the thumb.

Anchor Structure

Anchor Structure

Seamless top and bottom cuffs prevent the support from slipping and stabilize the taping structure.

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Usage Guide

   Slide hand into wrist support with the bottom of the “V” mark pointing towards the fingers and the thumb protruding out of the thumb-hole (same position for left of right hand).

   Smooth the brace and make sure the knitted mesh structures are straight and centred on the top and bottom of the wrist.


  1. Always wear the support directly on skin.
  2. If the support is not positioned correctly, it may not function as intended. *How it works depends on individuals.

Size Guide

As in the illustration, please measure around arm about 7cm/ 3 inches above wrist.
If two sizes apply, choose the larger.

Small (S) size: 13 ~ 15cm / 5.5in – 6in
Medium (M) size: 15 ~ 17 cm / 6in – 6.5in
Large (L) size: 17 to 19 cm / 6.5in – 7.5in

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