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U-Shaped Taping Structure

U-Shaped Taping Structure

U-shaped taping structure supports the kneecap to reduce stress to the patellar tendon when extending the knee.
Slit Knit Structure

Slit Knit Structure

Breathable front and back mesh panels provide ventilation and reduce bunching behind the knee.
Anchor Structure

Anchor Structure

Seamless top and bottom cuffs prevent slipping of the support and stabilize the U-shaped taping structure.

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Usage Guide

 Slide leg into knee support with the bottom of the “V” pointing down.

 Fit the U-shape structure below so that it can support the kneecap from below.

Then, adjust the support to take up its slack when straightening your leg.



  1. Smooth the brace so that there is no bunching when you bend your knee.
  2. Always wear the support directly on skin.
  3. If the support is not positioned correctly, it may not function as intended. *How it works depends on individuals.

Size Guide

Measure arond knee as shown in the illustration.
If two sizes apply, choose the larger.

Small (S) size : 31cm – 34 cm / 12in – 13in
Medium (M) size : 34 – 37 cm / 13in – 14.5in
Large (L) size : 37 – 40 cm / 14.5in 16in
Extra Large (XL) Size : 40 – 43 cm / 16in – 17in

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