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Restricts Backward Bending

Restricts Backward Bending

Built-in Cross-Net Taping provides wide coverage of the lower back. It limits excessive “back-and-forth motion” and “twist” which cause pain.

Helps Improve Posture

Helps Improve Posture

Ergonomically designed support holds the lower abdomen and lower back firmly in place to help establish a healthy posture.

Enhanced Breathability

Enhanced Breathability

Use of thin breathable fabric improves ventilation to help you stay cool and dry.

Usage Guide

   Hold the tag “top” so that it is on the right inner side, and pull it with both hands to make it evenly right and left.

   Extend the left hand obliquely downward (about 5 cm under the navel is a rough guide). Please do not wear above the navel.

   Leave the left hand fixed so as not to move,extend the right hand obliquely downward, and fix the hook and loop fastener.

Size Guide

Measure your waistline at your navel as shown in the illustration.
If two sizes apply, choose the larger.

Medium (M) size : 65 – 85cm / 26in – 34in
Large size (L) size : 80 to 100 cm / 32in – 39in
Extra Large (XL) Size : 95 – 115 cm / 37in – 45in

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