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Figure-Eight Taping Structure

Figure-Eight Taping Structure

The knitted mesh figure-eight wraps around the ankle and foot to provide extra joint support when running, walking and performing daily activities.

Arch Support Taping Structure

Arch Support Taping Structure

The arch support taping structure raises the arch to enhance its cushioning function, thereby reducing fatigue.

Anchor Structure

Anchor Structure

Seamless top and bottom cuffs prevent slippig of the support and stablize the figure-eight taping structure.

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Usage Guide

 Slide foot into ankle support with the bottom of the “V” pointing down. 

 Fit to the heel. Then, adjust support to take up its slack.


  1. Always wear the support directly on skin.
  2. If the support is not positioned correctly, it may not function as intended. *How it works depends on individuals.

Size Guide

Use the socks size that you usually wear as a guide to choose the size.

If two sizes apply, choose the larger.

Women JP US
 Small (S) Size 22cm – 24cm 4.5in – 6.5in
 Medium (M) Size 24cm – 26cm 6.5in – 8.5in
 Large  (L) Size 26cm – 28cm 8.5in – 10.5in
 Small (S) Size 22cm – 24cm 4in – 6in
 Medium (M) Size 24cm – 26cm 6in – 8in
 Large  (L) Size 26cm – 28cm 8in – 10in

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